Why Stay at a 55+ RV Resort?

When choosing stops along a route for an RV vacation, or when reviewing options for a destination or long-term stay, there’s no end to the options! Whittling down the categories can be a month-long endeavor or a quick Google as you approach an area. So what makes you choose one RV Resort over another? And why should you make the decision to stay at a 55+ RV Resort?

One of the biggest reasons is to be surrounded by other travelers, residents, and seasonal residents who are looking for the same thing in a resort that you are. A 55+ RV Resort, in addition to not focusing their amenities around children and families, does focus amenities and activities around active and interested seniors. If you are looking for a social experience where you’ll meet peers who enjoy travel and relaxation, there’s no better place to stay than a 55+ RV Resort!

Webster RV Resort in Webster, Florida, is proud to be a 55+ RV Resort! When staying at Webster, seasoned RVers, dedicated snowbirds, or first-timers will find a community centered around you! Our amenities are all about relaxation and fun for 55+ guests.

Looking for an affordable spot in Central Florida? First-time visitors to Webster RV Resort can enjoy a set of special deals through September. Check back often to see our new Specials!